Christian Langer




All songs written and arranged by Christian Langer. Recorded in spring 2000, at Studio Bauer, Ludwigsburg and Tukan Studio, Kornwestheim. Engineered by Thomas Schmitt, Martin Donner and RCM. Mixed ba RCM.

Christian Langer – Vocals, Piano, Harmonica

Mini Schulz – Double Bass

Markus Faller – Drums, Percussion

Herbert Joos – Trumpet, Flugelhorn

Carsten Netz – Saxophone

  • Singing in the graveyard

    • Lyrics

      Singing in the graveyard

      Look here!
      The king of death
      He is waiting for the time
      When we all have finally destroyed ourselves

      When we finally put an end to our agony
      It's his joyful day
      And after all he is singing in the graveyard

      It's so funny how he can dance
      He had to wait such a long time
      "Now it's all mine!"

  • Indifference

    • Lyrics


      They call me indifferent
      It's an easy way to live
      Don't have to think about
      All the stuff I need to give

      Come with me
      Sing with me
      My final songs
      No, I need no sympathy
      I am far, too far from here

      Show me where I stand
      I'm not here and I'm not there
      Senseless to think about
      cause I'm useless everywhere

      I don't call down curses on somebody's head
      I don't forgive them
      Cause I don't care
      I just stare
      Now look at me
      What can you see

  • In the end

    • Lyrics

      In the end

      I wait all day
      For night to come
      I want to reach out
      To find new dreams

      In the end I hear your laughter
      It is all I do

  • Sorrow

    • Lyrics


      You with your sad eyes
      Show me a smile and find love
      Don't say you're sorry
      Just leave your sorrow far behind
      At least one time
      Away from harm
      Show your smile
      Then it's time to live

      You with your sad eyes
      Don't say you're sorry
      Throw away your sorrow
      Sorrow is not your doom
      Show your smile
      Then it's time to live

  • Today

    • Lyrics


      Look my friends
      It's not too late
      To see new worlds
      Don't slave your mind
      Be your own god
      Just for today
      Life doesn't comfort you
      Don't be so shy
      Why follow a call
      That doesn't belong to you?
      Why follow a time
      That doesn't belong to you?
      Wasted time
      You will be missed
      I know it

  • Not like anybody else

    • Lyrics

      Not like anybody else

      Why do you want me to be like anybody else
      Why can't you see through my eyes
      My heart is still the same
      I'm still breathing
      But it's bleeding

      Come I'll embrace you
      Dance with me through the night
      Underneath the stars
      Look, I'm happy
      I want you to be happy, too
      Laugh with me

      Do not deny the change like anybody else
      Change means not just to grow
      It's bliss, my dear!
      I'm not lying
      I'm even flying

  • My funeral

    • Lyrics

      My funeral

      It's nice of you to come to my funeral
      A shame that I had to die to reach you

      Don't be sad
      I'm sure you will forget
      My spirit stays here
      You're not alone
      I promised you

      I just met my old friend
      He left just before
      You look so good
      I wish I could embrace you

      Thank you for the roses
      Leave them right here
      I wish you'd brought them much sooner
      But I don't care

      It's nice of you to come to my funeral

  • Home now

    • Lyrics

      Home now

      That's my will
      You can have it all
      Cause you're the one I loved
      Until I heard them call
      I can still feel you even so far away
      After I'm gone

      I'd like to stay
      But I couldn't stay longer
      I heard them call
      I tried so hard to hide
      I'll become the sky
      As clear as day
      After I'm gone

      Home now
      All begins

  • Never the same

    • Lyrics

      Never the same

      When it first began
      I saw you everywhere

      It is quiet now
      There is nothing left
      The wind has gone to sleep
      I'm dying to be free

      Beautiful you were
      Like a piece of sky

      Never the same
      Keep moving on

  • The broken man

    • Lyrics

      The broken man

      What d'you do?
      You make me weak and low
      Far from here
      I'll count the broken words
      Walk away
      My choice to disappear
      Time to leave
      I'll never fear again
      It gets darker
      As I walk away
      I'll go deeper
      I'm slowing down
      Try to make it work
      Hope I'll find a smile
      I'm the broken man

  • The face

    • Lyrics

      The face

      There's a sign
      I try to resist
      Shadow moves
      I can't fix the figure
      Just one thing
      That looks hazy to me
      Your face
      So beautiful
      It's your face
      Still beautiful

  • Light my candle

    • Lyrics

      Light my candle

      When I found you
      You were already dead
      What a gloomy scene
      Cause your eyes still glow
      And they speak to me

      Don't leave me alone
      In my darkest dreams comes a saviour
      Where is he now?

      I'm digging my own grave
      Underneath the moon
      What a gloomy scene
      What a deathly hush

      Light my candle

      So we're closer now
      It's so peaceful

  • Nothing wrong

    • Lyrics

      Nothing wrong

      When we meet this time
      Things will be just fine
      Or maybe divine
      Cause we're older now
      Realized somehow
      That we left our fear
      So we both belong
      To a different song
      This time there's nothing wrong
      When we meet this time
      Things will be just fine
      Or even divine
      Nothing wrong